You know there's not much going on in the news (or what passes as news in our world) when the press starts harping on the amount celebrities leave as a tip.

Drew Brees, who makes a buck or two a year, went to a Chinese restaurant, ran up a tab of $74.41 and left a $3.00 tip. Sounds cheap, right? Well, as it turns out --

New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees has been accused of being a bad tipper ever since a photo of a recent restaurant receipt went viral.  Brees apparently paid a measly $3.00 on the $74.41 bill for a meal at a Chinese restaurant in San Diego.

Well, here's the deal about the receipt and the tip.
According to the owner of the restaurant, he bill was for a take-out meal and the owner adds that people rarely leave a tip for take-out. The fact that Brees left a tip at all says that he is a good guy.

As I said at the beginning, it must have been a slow news week -- Well, if you don't count all that stuff in the Middle East -- or anything else really important that actually happened.

This is News?