Corporate America likes buzzwords. Even if there is already a buzzword for something, the like making up new ones. Then, they all go to the same barbershop and make up new corporate speak words so they can be "cutting edge" (An oldie but a Goodie).

Here is what they are saying and the meaning behind what they are saying..

Kevin Fleming, owner of Grey Matters, a neuroscience-based executive development and coaching firm, says we may want to look closer when we see terms like “self-starter” or “detail-oriented.”

“Jargon is our way to grow lazier decision making in corporate cultures,” Fleming says. “We use these words to cover up something. It could also be a way to hide some ambivalence.”  Here’s some other common jargon revealed:

  • Team Player: Fleming explains this is a “code phrase for someone who will allow us to do whatever we want to you.”
  • Self Starter: We are hiring as many salespeople as possible..your account list will be the phone book. Don't call on anyone else's acount.
  • Detail-Oriented: Expect to have someone looking over your shoulder all day. Fleming explains this might hint at a job working for a control freak.
  • Early-stage or venture-backed: Don’t expect to get paid much (or anything) unless this company takes off.
  • Fun Work Group- No money
  • Marketing Job Sales
  • Company Representative- Sales
  • Guaranteed Salary Up To: Yeah, good luck making the "up too"
  • We Have a Rare Opening- We always have openings. We run 'em through like cattle.

While you may never be able to avoid ads with buzzwords in them, being more aware of what is hidden behind the jargon may help you narrow your search to the positions that are really right for you. And when your boss is breathing down your neck, critiquing your every move, well, at least you were warned!

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