He was a Teen-Idol...maybe the most perennial teen idol ever.

It's not like the Monkees enjoyed the kind of respect that classic rockers enjoyed. But the Monkees seem to represent a part of our collective innocence. The Pre-Fab Four as they were called by their detractors, we the last blush of innocence before the 60's exploded and "innocence" of any kind was mocked. But the Monkees, at least now, represent something more than fun pop hits.

Now, here we are all these decades later and , for the most part, we the super cool hippies of the 60's long for anything that reminds us of that innocence.

Will all the TV networks suspend regular programming and go with wall to wall coverage? Will radio stations play all Monkess for 24 hours? Of course not. But just about everyone who was around during their heyday will be a little sadder when they think of what the death of Davy Jones represents. It's yet another part of our innocence that has gone away.


David Jones pre-Monkee..He was the Artful Dodger in the London production of "Oliver"

The Perennial Teen Idol just being a Teen Idol


RIP Davy!