Sometimes it seems that some of the great artists featured on The Lake have just stopped making records.  While, for the most part, that may be true, a few of those artist are still going into the studio and recording new material. Some of the other Classic Hits artist have compiled some pretty interesting Box Sets that are a lot more than just a repackaging of their old hits!  Let's tart with the new Box Set from Heart....





One of the great things about the Box Set from Ann and Nancy Wilson is that it truly is a glimpse into the early days of this mega selling duo. Among the nuggets on the album are a folky, acoustic "demo" tracks of "Magic Man" and "Crazy on You."  In fact, there are several cuts that harken back to Heart's folk beginnings. Let's move on to the "madman" Joe Walsh







What can I tell you? It's Joe Walsh. This collection of new material has over tones of The James Gang  (The follow-up to "Funk 49"'s called "Funk 50"), Solo Joe Walsh (One Day at a Time) and the Eagles (Spanish Dancer). If you are a Walsh fan, you will love it.

Moving on to a re-issue of a landmark CD




columbia records

Paul Simon shook the music world with his brilliant 1987 release of "Graceland".  Simon's eclectic melding of American and African folk produced a product that is still a solid entry in anyone's collection of "The Best Of."

Along with the original tracks are insightful interviews about the project, alternate takes (" Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes"  is a stand-out) and the story of how Paul Simon had to break the law just to get the album recorded.

It's a brilliant testament to a true watershed moment in pop history.

And last (but not least is the cliche I decided to use here) New Material from the Beach Boys.




beach boys

The 29th studio album by The Beach Boys marks the first time in 16 years that all of the surviving members of the band have gotten together to do anything but file lawsuits.  As with many, many Beach Boys albums of the past, it's spotty.  Yes, Brian Wilson and Mike Love wrote most of the songs for the album and that will, no doubt, stir a lot of interest by hard core Beach Boy fans.  You can expect the amazing vocals and such on their latest release; just don't buy it hoping to get the successor to "Pet Sounds".  I've been a fan of the Beach Boys forever, but all of their albums (even "Pet Sounds") have had moments that suffer from either being "cute" or attempting to recapture those "fun in the sun" days of old. I'll stick with Brian's solo take on "Smile".


Still, let's face it. You are the ultimate critic of what you like or don't like. It's like learning to enjoy fine wine. Rule number one is: If you like it, it's good wine.