Bob Seger will be in Lafayette at the Cajundome on February 10th and we'll be giving away tickets to that show, but we thought it might be fun to give a listen to one of Bob Seger's very first records.

We doubt seriously if you ever heard this one

Back before Bob Seger became BOB SEGER he belonged to several groups in the Detroit are and one of those groups came out with a satire of Staff Sgt. Barry Sadler's hit called 'Ballad of the Green Berets. the satire was released by the group Doug Brown and the Omens and Seger was a member of that band.

You can find various copies of the song here and there under the name of 'The Beach Bums.'

Well, a lawsuit from Barry Sadler followed the song's release and the record was withdrawn.

We figure enough time has passed so we feel safe in bringing it to you now.

We're not sure if this is Seger doing the vocal honors. He did do a few lead vocals for the group so it just might be Seger.