D'Iberville Police Photo

"Name something you don't want to put in your pants"...

"Oh...Uh..Um.. A lobster"???


Is that a crustacean in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

D'Iberville Police arrested a man at Winn Dixie Tuesday who they say was trying to leave the store with two live lobsters in his shorts, among other meat products.

Nathan Hardy, 35, is accused of shoplifting. Store employees said he tried to walk out of the grocery store without paying for items that he had stuffed into his pockets. Those items included two live lobsters in his front pockets, two bags of jumbo shrimp, and a pork loin, which was stuffed into his waist band.

When officers arrived at the store, they said Hardy tried to run, but fell. He was arrested and was taken to the Harrison County Adult Detention Center.

Only a real dork would forget the clarified butter!!