According to reliable sources, we just had the wettest Halloween on record. I guess for the few who braved the weather to go trick-or-treating in places other than Prien Lake mall, the most common Halloween costume was a mask with a raincoat or poncho. I know my daughter had planned to take her kids to the very popular Weaver Road area, but opted instead for the cover of the mall.

In addition to all the rain that just never seemed to let up, a strong storm went through the Gillis area causing quite of bit of damage to home and property in that area. Some people in Gillis reported having awnings ripped from their home, downed trees and, of course street flooding as well.

We'll get a break in all this weather starting Monday. The forecast is for a continued 60% chance of rain today, but Monday will bring with it mostly sunny skies and a high of around 76 degrees. Those sunny to partly sunny conditions are expected to stick around most of the week, but, once again, the rain chances will increase as we make our way into the weekend.