Rainy Weekend
The morning went by pretty quickly with so much important business to attend to in the way of school and road closures and other weather hazards.
How Rainy Was it?
Well, people have been saying that this area could use some rain. Who knew we would get it all at once.
Here are various pictures that answer the question, 'How rainy was it?'
How Forecast Get Distorted
Do you remember playing the game where everyone stands in a circle and one person whispers something to the person beside them and then each person tells the next what they heard? By the time it got back to the person who started it ... it rarely resembled what they actually whispered to start with.…
Rainy Day Songs You Tube covers [VIDEO]
First I was gonna do a post of Rain songs that we all love. Then I decided to post videos of normal people doing covers of rain songs. I think you'll enjoy bthem.
Let's start with a cover of the Gordon Lightfoot classic.
Here's a cover of "who'll Stop the Rain.&q…