According to reports, a youth football referee in Alabama has been banned from officiating games after video of him aggressively grabbing a player by the face-mask circulated online. The player's family wants a public apology for what the referee did during the eleven and twelve year olds' football game.


The play was over, but apparently the sideline-judge had an issue with one player during this youth football game.


After walking onto the field, the referee grabbed the player by the face-mask and appeared to be yelling something into his face.


Coaches came off of the sideline and addressed the referee in question.


Things then got physical between the coaching staff and the group of referees, prompting the entire team of officials to leave the game.

Check out the entire video via @FOX8NOLA on Twitter below.

Clearly, the referee crossed the line with the way he dealt with this youth football player. While keeping the game in-check is an officials job, grabbing a player by the face-mask is nowhere in a referee’s job description.

Hopefully, the parents of this child get the apology they so desire. In my opinion, this referee shouldn't be allowed to officiate any youth sports anywhere after this display.

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