So it's looking like you're probably not going to suddenly get super rich one day.  But that's okay.  Instead, you can just fell rich by moving somewhere that's way cheaper.

A new study found the 10 CHEAPEST cities in America, based entirely on their cost of living.

And here are the results:

1.  McAllen, Texas.

2.  Conway, Arkansas.

3.  Harlingen, Texas.

4.  Kalamazoo, Michigan.

5.  Wichita Falls, Texas.

6.  Knoxville, Tennessee.

7.  Memphis.

8.  Jonesboro, Arkansas.

9.  Oklahoma City.

10.  Brownsville, Texas.

I've lived in Jonesboro, Arkansas for a year in 2006.  And I can attest to this study with first hand knowledge!

I tell people all the time I have never had so much money left in the bank than when I was living in Jonesboro.  It was a great town with friendly people in the middle of "God's country".  The landscape in and around Jonesboro was amazing.  We were 45 minutes away from Memphis and a few hours away from Branson, MO with its beautiful mountains and streams!

I still goat kick myself to this day that we never traveled to St. Louis and Nashville when we lived there.

My wife and I enjoyed our time there and still wish to this day that it had lasted longer!

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