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With temps dropping into the low 20's across the Ark-La-Tex, it's time to take care of the 3 P's - pipes, plants, and pets.  That means when the mercury dips below freezing you need to wrap the pipes exposed to the freezing air to keep them from bursting, bring in (or at least cover) delicate plants, and bring in your pets.  Now, you can buy your pooch a bit of extra protection against the elements, and make them look like a nihilistic German poet!

The Shed Defender will not only add an extra layer of warmth for the winter months, it's designed to do a number of other things to help your precious pup all year round.  The biggest draw is this: It keeps shedding to an absolute minimum.  Look at this thing!  It covers 80+ percent of the hair!  Yeah, it probably looks like a lint trap when you take it off - but if you're tired of finding dog hair in your coffee (and everywhere else), this is a god send.

The Shed Defender supposedly helps your your four legged friend with anxiety.  If your canine companion flips out when a storm rolls through, a siren is going off, it sees another dog, or the wind blows - this dog garment reportedly calms them.  In addition, the manufacturer claims it will replace the "cone of shame" sometimes worn after a vet visit by covering the area your pooch wants to lick incessantly.  Plus - you throw in a black beret, and you're ready for beat poetry night (snap, snap, snap).

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