Many years ago, I worked for a company that investigated all kinds of insurance fraud. For the most part, it was pretty much mundane, but every now and then, we would come across someone who was looking to scam the system. That's when we went to work gathering evidence.

I remember one case where a construction worker was claiming that, due to a work injury, he could no longer do any kind of real work out in the field. Well, his case was going pretty, but that didn't do him a bit of good. We had picture after picture of this man with a bad back carrying bags of cement across a steel beam.

Well, the man who shot this video knew what he was doing. He had hired a number of workers to move his family to another location and, as luck would have it, the security camera is mounted just right for catching one of those workers attempt to fake an injury.

I will warn you that there is some very strong language and this video is not suitable for children.

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