Does your dog have a favorite word?  Chances are they do even if they don't know what a "word" is or why you insist they can't drink out of the toilet.

Photo by Milli on Unsplash
Photo by Milli on Unsplash

A website in England called OnBuy commissioned a study to find out which words dogs love the most by monitoring their heart rates.

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The average dog's heart rate jumped 36% when they heard the word "walkies," which is British slang for walking your dog.

Here are the top ten words that make your dog the happiest:

  1. Going for a "walk" - 156 beats a minute.
  2. "Dinner," "food," or "eat" - 152 beats a minute.
  3. "Treat" - 151 beats.
  4. "Get it" - 150.
  5. "Fetch" - 147.
  6. "Toy" or "get your toy" - 144.
  7. "Good boy" or "good girl" - 139.
  8. "What's THAT?" - 135.
  9. Their name - 128.
  10. "Find it" - 124.

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