I'm sorry to break it to you guys, but the "Barbie" situation is worse than you could have ever imagined. Because women are checking your fitness as a potential partner using this method.

"Barbie" European Premiere - VIP Access
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As a result, don't be shocked after you swipe right that girl will subject you to the new "Barbie Test".

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The situation is as follows, according to Nicole Hoefler, a TikTok influencer:

"It's like asking, 'What are your thoughts on the Barbie movie?' on a first date or in your dating profile.


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Because, according to Nicole, "it's kind of a no-go if a guy really doesn't want to see it, isn't open to talking about it, or, worse yet, if he's seen it and thinks it's not a good movie or he doesn't get the point."

Nicole's own boyfriend passed with flying colors. Quote, "He dressed in pink. He got all the jokes and moving parts. Afterwards he discussed with me what a masterpiece this movie is and how hard it must be to be a woman."

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