Calcasieu Parish will be under another Winter Storm Watch from 6am tomorrow through 6 am on Wednesday. We usually see these every few years. I can not personally remember ever seeing two in a week!

The watch calls for snow accumulations between 1 and 2 inches and up to a quarter inch of ice  tomorrow and tomorrow night. This will once again provide troublesome for an area where crossing high bridges is a part of daily commutes. This time a lot of companies are staging workers to help prevent the staffing problems they faced in a similar situation last week. Everyone is urging residents to stay at home and we all know what is going to happen to the bridges.

This January is already the coldest month in the last 100 years. Four of the coldest days in the last 100 years were already recorded this January.

There will be lots of closures due to the weather and a full list is available at this website.

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