Log this under, "I never thought that Mr. Rogers' likeness would become a 'sexy' Halloween costume in my lifetime".

I'm all up in my feels right now, I take offense to this.  Mr. Rogers was a fixture of my childhood and I have tons of respect for him and his brand.

This new abomination is made by a company called Yandy, and their gimmick is making totally ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes.  In past years they've made things like a sexy "Handmaid's Tale" costume, sexy fake news, and sexy pizza rat.

Take a gander at the Sexy Mr. Rogers motif below:


It costs $60 and you can also spend $13 more for the "Be My Neighbor" add-on, which features a vinyl gray wig and two hand puppets.

And then if that's not enough for ya, they also have a Sexy Bob Ross costume, smh.

Whatever happened to being a super hero or a mummy for Halloween?  I guess those days are long behind us and the sexy costumes are the future.

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