I remember when the new Moss Bluff Elementary School opened because my son started his education there. He was also there the first year the new Moss Bluff Middle School opened. Now those schools have become overcrowded due to the area's growth. Will Moss Bluff residents agree to fund a new elementary school?

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If you have lived in Louisiana long enough you remember passing taxes and seeing the money spent on other things. Do you remember the tax we passed in the 90's to improve our roads that was mostly spent to settle lawsuits (that were results of bad roads?) This makes voters wary. I also remember when Moss Bluff voters did not pass a recreation tax to fund badly needed ball parks and recreation areas. That happened in the 90s also. Saturday Moss Bluff voters will vote on a tax to build a new elementary school for Ragley and Moss Bluff students. personally I think it's a good idea. I'm not so sure Moss Bluff voters will pass it though.

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