J.C. Penny has been around forever. It's been part of America's retail landscape since the first store opened back in 1902, but now the former retail giant seems to be going the way of most brick and mortar stores and the chain recently announced that it would closing down up to 140 stores around the nation.

I know people are wondering of those shut downs will include the Lake Charles location in Prien Lake Mall. Well, according to Prien Lake Mall Marketing Director, Nikkie Buxton, we needn't worry. Buxton says that the Lake Charles property will not be one of the 130 or so stores that will be closing.

Exactly which stores will remain open and which ones will be closed will be announced next month. In the meantime, the retailer is busy notifying all their personnel of their upcoming downsizing. Currently, J.C. Penny has over 100,000 employees. Just how many jobs will be lost remains to be seen.

Right now, J.C. Penny operates over 1,000 stores across America and Puerto Rico.




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