Animals are so much smarter than we ever knew. they seem to read us and train us better than we train them. My dog, Hank, has me trained to stop whatever I'm doing and all he has to do is bark one time. He only barks when he needs to go outside and he's also taught me that I had better get there right away.

Well, the raccoon in this video has also trained the people inside the house to respond when he knocks on the door. The little guy picks up a rock and starts tapping on the glass patio door and that lets the owners know that the cat food bowl, which he is about to rob, is empty.

The raccoon's name is Rocksy, of course, and he doesn't give up knocking until someone gets off the cough and brings him food. I wonder if I could teach my dog to knock instead of barking. By the way, he doesn't always need to go outside. he also barks when he only wants to go outside which is fine except for the times he decides he wants to go look around at 2 a.m.