In the past few years, several stars of the past four decades have been diagnosed with career ending illnesses and now Linda Ronstadt's name is being added to that list.

I guess everyone is aware that Glen Campbell has retired due to Alzheimer's Disease. Glen bravely continued to perform as long as he could, but recently was forced to call it quits.

Bobby Vee had a good solid string of hits in the early 60's and his career was brought to an end last year due to advanced Alzheimer's.

The other day, one of the most iconic singers of the 70's, Linda Ronstadt, announced that she will never be able to sing again due to Parkinson's Disease.

Ronstadt had been having health problems for a few years, but the diagnosis of Parkinson's is a new development. Ronstadt told AARP Magazine that the damage is irreversible because there is no cure and Parkinson's makes it impossible to sing.

I was fortunate enough to see Linda Ronstadt in concert many years ago. She was an amazing performer and the show ranks right up there with the best I've ever seen.

Very sad to hear this news and our prayers go out to this timeless performer.

Here is a video of one of Linda's great performances.