Who will win the NFC East Division after the devastating injury to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott on Sunday?

Well, I picked the Cowboys to win the NFC East in the preseason, and I'm going to stay with that pick.

I'll get to why in a minute, but first some particulars.

Prescott left the field on a cart Sunday, choking back tears as he raised a fist to the fans in attendance at the AT&T Stadium after suffering a horrific injury against the New York Giants in a 37-34 Dallas win.

The 27-year old Prescott underwent surgery to repair a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle, which will obviously force him to miss the remainder of the season, and even put a cloud over his future.
Obviously, my best to Prescott, wishing him a speedy and complete recovery.
That was a hard injury to watch, and you have to feel for Prescott, who was in a contract year, playing at an incredibly high level.
The starter for the Cowboys since his rookie season in 2016, Prescott's string of 69-consecutive starts will come to an end next Monday night when Dallas hosts the Arizona Cardinals.
Again, one can't help but feel for Prescott, who was having a big year, leading the NFL with 1,856 passing yards through five games.
Obviously, this could affect the Cowboys in the long term, if Prescott doesn't return to his previous health, or if the two sides can't come together on a contract agreement, but just in terms of this year, and how it affects the Cowboys, and how the injury affects the NFC East, I don't think it means much.
I'm still going to pick the Cowboys to win the division.
And why not? Who else are you going to pick?
Are you going to pick Washington, who is 1-4, and who has quarterback issues of their own?
Are you going to pick the New York Giants, who are 0-5?
Are you going to pick the Philadelphia Eagles, who have only one win, and who has already lost to Washington?
My point being, this isn't a good division. It's realistic that a team with a losing record could win the NFC East.

Don't forget too, the Cowboys have Andy Dalton, who has thrown for over 31,000 yards and 200 touchdowns over his career.

Is Dalton going to play at the same level as Prescott? Certainly not, but he's won a lot of football games behind center over his career.

So, because Dalton is capable, and because the NFC East is just not good, I still think the Cowboys will win the division.

Now, how about the playoffs? How much will not having Prescott potentially hurt Dallas there?

Surprisingly, I don't think it will hurt a lot.

Sure, their chances of success would be better with Prescott, as opposed to Dalton, but the Cowboys weren't likely to have playoff success this year, even with a healthy Prescott.

Dallas just doesn't have a good enough defense.

We're talking about a team that has allowed 404.4 yards-per-game, which ranks 27th in the NFL, as well as an alarming 36.0 points-per-game, which ranks dead last.

Over their last four games the Dallas defense has allowed 39 points to the Falcons, 38 to the Seahawks, 49 to the Browns, and 34 to the Giants.

You telling me that is good enough to win in the playoffs, Prescott or not?

Of course, you could make a valid argument that if Dallas didn't have Prescott for their two wins that they wouldn't have scored as many points as they did, and could be winless.

Still, as crazy as it may sound, I don't think the Prescott injury affects the Cowboys or the NFC East in the immediate future.

I think the Cowboys can/will win seven games, while I just can't see those other being able to accomplish that.

The playoffs for the Cowboys? Well, that's a different story.

Again; the main thing is for Prescott to get healthy, but in terms of football this year only; the Cowboys were probably going to win the division, while not having playoff success with him, and they'll still likely win the division while not having playoff success without him.

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