One of my favorite things to do this time a year is just go out and look at Christmas decorations. It's a habit I've never outgrown and don't intend to. When I was a kid, my dad would load us in the car and we would go out in search of decorations. Yhe first place we always went was Sears. The Sears store in Beaumont had a huge window out front and it was just filled with Christmas Character and tons of toys, of course. On any given evening there would be crowds of families gathered to look at the Sears window. Quaint, isn't it?

When I was just a little bit older, one of the neighborhoods in Port Arthur designated itself as "Candy Cane Lane." "Candy Cane Lane" was an entire subdivision and all the inhabitants went all out on decorations. I got to take my daughter, Annie there once and she was as wide eyed as I had been as a kid.

I'd like to know where the best areas are for what I call, "Christmas light looking." That's where you come in. For the benefit of folks who may be new to the area, or for folks who may not be aware of some of the best areas to see Christmas lights, I'd like to have a guide to "Christmas light looking."

Where are the best decorated neighborhoods in the area?

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