My wife thinks I am crazy. She is probably correct on that assumption. That does not change the fact that I have to do everything in my power to pull the Saints to victory. It's all about what you wear, where you sit, what you eat and more.

Don Rivers

I start with the Saturday morning shopping trip where I have to buy a bottle of the Tide detergent with Drew Brees picture on it. Before last weeks game I spent the day splitting firewood. I don't have anymore wood to split but I do need to do some work in the yard. Last Saturday my wife and I went to the range and shot. This Saturday my wife (who did most of the shooting last Saturday) will go back to shoot and test for her concealed weapons permit. Then she will need to come home and make the same delicious queso she made last week (but not until halftime as she did last week.) I will wear my old long sleeve Divisional Champion Shirt under my Brees jersey. I will sit in my recliner (although if the game starts going south I may switch seats and even change clothes.) We will eat queso at halftime. What are your plans to help the team?

When the Saints are playing in this years Superbowl I will travel to Baton Rouge to watch with my in laws at the same place I watched the last Saints Superbowl. I am trying to remember what we ate that night. One of my nephews brought this crazy b... I mean girl over who caused a lot of drama. He does not date her anymore but we may need to invite her to come watch the game with us.