It used to be that when someone died, their family and friends would go through notes, diaries, papers, etc. to preserve their legacy.  Now, a lot of that is online.  So...should access to your social media accounts live on when you don't?  Legislators in a few states are looking into proposals that would require Facebook, Twitter, etc. to hand over account access to a family member after someone has died.  This would make that information a part of the deceased person's 'digital estate.'

Facebook currently has an online form to report a death, at which time they put the account in a memorialized state where some info is removed, and only family and friends can view the profile.  The wall is left intact for messages to remember their loved ones.

Also, you can instruct Facebook in your will to allow your estate to have access with a download account of data, as well.  Family members can also request that your page be removed entirely.  (PrepNation)