Here's a great piece of film if you have an interest in Lake Charles history. this was film was shot in 1954 and the purpose of the film seems to be to sell folks on the idea of making visiting or moving to the area.

This fascinating "travelogue" type film has some great footage of our town in 1954. I think you'll particularly like some of the footage of downtown Lake Charles as it existed then. There are so many businesses and blocks of businesses that no longer exist.

There is even footage of the Masonic Temple that is, of course, still here complete with a shot of all the Masons who took part in the filming of this documentary. You may spot some people you knew in some of this footage.

If you're a Lake Charles High graduate you'll see some great old footage of that school that will really take you back. Just judging from the footage, those massive oak trees that cover the school grounds were not so prominent back then. If you attended LC hIgh back then, you just might spot a person or two you know.

Enjoy this great look back from the film called, "Lake Charles;The Town that Means Home."

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