It's always interesting to read about what various celebrities did before they were famous, but for some reason, we seldom find out what happened to those stars when their 15 minutes of fame had, at last, faded out.

Now, not all the celebrities in this video have gone on to any kind of obscurity. Some are still very famous, but for the most part, a lot of these folks literally had about 15 minutes of fame then went on to do every day jobs like most people. Of course, there are also folks in this video like Arnold Schwarzenegger who will always be famous.

It's funny how many famous people went into farming and such. You just don't think of celebrities as exactly being down on the farm, but you just never can tell.

While some of these celebs are still quite famous, you'll also find out about stars from the B-list and what they're doing now. so, here we go, here's life after being rich and famous.

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