Artist no longer release an album or a C.D-The just put the music out there a cut at a time before the actual release date. Springsteen's new work "Wrecking Ball" is no exception. The latest cut to be released is "You Got It". The release of the remaining two cuts will be:

March 1 - Land Of Hope and Dreams
March 2 - We Are Alive

For more on "Wrecking Ball" and to hear "You Got It" ....

Springsteen’s marketing team must be working overtime, because the Boss has also agreed to spend an entire week on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.’

‘You’ve Got It’  will be the first single from Springsteen's latest work. Many feel that, due to it's rather stark arrangement, it will remind many fans of his earlier work "Nebraska"

Springsteen won't be sneaking into his latest work either. Bruce has been booked to spend a week as Jimmy Fallon's guest.

Here it is...Hope you like it.

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