You know the feeling, don't you? You have a headache, your stomach is doing flips, you can't focus on anything and that taste in your mouth is triggering your gag reflex. Yep. You've got all the earmarks of a first class hangover.

Now, there must be a thousand and one cures for a hangover out there and they all work to varying degrees of success. It just seems logical that one person who would know a lot of cures for hangovers would be a bartender. Well, that's exactly where the folks at Uproxx went for their information.

Here, according to your friendly neighborhood bartender, are a few of the more unusual cures for a hangover.

1.  The folks who know about such things say that dehydration is a big part of why we feel so bad when we have a hangover. Lots of experts say that getting re-hydrated will go a long way to making you feel better. One cure suggested is that chugging a bottle of Gator Ade will do the trick. Now, you may say, "What's so odd about that?" Well, this cure suggest that you add horseradish to the Gator Ade! I can only imagine how vile that tastes.

2. Do you know what tripe is? Well, basically, it's the lining of a cows stomach. I don't know how effective tripe soup is for getting rid of a hangover, but if you need to throw up, this just might do the trick.

3. Here's a weird one from a bartender that used to work in Puerto Rico. He says that a lot of the locals swear that rubbing fresh lemon juice under your arms will prevent a hangover. You may still have a hangover, but you'll smell lemon fresh.

4. Back in my college days, I found that Alka Seltzer worked pretty darn good at getting rid of the symptoms of over drinking. The "experts" say that drinking an Alka Seltzer with coconut water will get rid of those nasty symptoms. Of all the "cures" on the list, this one sounds like the least likely to make you worse than you were before.

Next time you have a little too much to drink and you say to yourself, "Id try anything to get rid of this hangover, try one of the methods in this article. You will find more Hangover cures HERE.








6.  Alka-Seltzer in coconut water.  Which actually sounds half-decent compared to the other ones.

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