Here's your chance to be a part of ridiculous (but fun) local history.

This is probably THE worst time for anyone to mention "Take My Hand," (or any hand for that matter) but even in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we can come together while remaining socially distant.

My eyes lit up when I saw this Facebook update from my friend Sam Oliver informing the general public that local music legend Wayne Toups was less than a thousand streams away from getting his smash hit 'Take My Hand' to the one million mark on Spotify.

Right now, many of us are either working from home or sheltering in place due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Music has been somewhat of a savior as of late, helping us to curb the boredom and just get through this extremely trying time for many. What better time to come together (but not actually together) to do something amazing?

And hey; if you think this is completely stupid you're absolutely not wrong—but even then, you can't argue that it won't be fun. One day, we will take each other's hands once again, but right now we can unite for Wayne—especially considering he'll get a few coins for these streams while he's out of work.

Just press play, and we'll update this post when we hit the million mark!

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