Four-time NBA All-Star Draymond Green was the subject of scrutiny earlier this week when word broke his employer was reviewing an altercation between he and teammate Jordan Poole.

During a Golden State Warriors training camp practice, Green reportedly got fed up with Poole and punched him.

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Someone leaked video of the punch to TMZ, and it's now making the rounds on social media.

A light shove from Poole followed by a hard punch from Green. Many feel the strike is worse than what was being reported.

How do the other Warriors feel about it?

Green reportedly apologized for the punch.

As I've said many times on my radio show, a video changes everything in the public forum.


The altercation was no longer in the news cycle, and was quickly on its way to being an afterthough by the masses.

With the video now out in public, it'll be used as a meme, shared on social media anytime the Warriors are on national television this season, and will generate ample material for talking head sports debate shows.

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