The game doesn't go on forever, eventually the clock ticks off its final seconds and it's over.  All, Over.  The fans and the memories are the only things that last - and eventually even Drew Christopher Brees will walk into the locker room for the last time, take off his jersey and hang up his cleats forever.

Brees is 38 years old as of January 15th, and while in many professional career choices you're just starting to hit your groove in professional football the few that make it past 30, then 35 and more start to really feel the pains.

Kevin C. Cox
Kevin C. Cox

According to TMZ Sports now comes U.S. Congressman Dr. Ralph Abraham (R) of Louisiana's 5th district to suggest that Brees now begin to seriously consider politics and to take it a step further Abraham has seriously stated that he would not only support the quarterback, but even serve as chair of his campaign committee in the 24 parishes of the 5th District!

According to Abraham, Brees led the Saints to a Super Bowl win and: "...he can lead our nation to prosperity.."

This writer knows of no scandals or nefarious affairs ever related to Brees, in fact I have friends who have even named their kids and dogs after him.  He's demonstrated great character and class in his playing days with the Saints, and according to Congressman Abraham, politics could use more people like Brees.

Capitol Sunset
CQ-Roll Call,Inc.

So, what'dya say Drew?  Could it be true?

United States Congressman Brees... Seriously, that could work.

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