After being pulled over in South Texas, a Mexican National woman who was living in Edinburg, Texas allegedly tried to flirt her way out of being arrested for human smuggling.

I remember hearing certain acquaintances in years past brag about "flirting" their way out of traffic tickets as if that was something of which to be proud. For whatever reason, even as a young person, something about that seemed both ridiculous and possibly unlikely, depending on to whom I was listening.

However, THIS incident that occurred in Jim Hogg County in South Texas on April 25 is truly disturbing, given the crime that this woman was allegedly attempting to commit according to a report from

A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper caught the interaction on video, which you'll see below.

The woman in the video has been identified as Lidia Elizabeth Badillo, a Mexican National who was living in Texas. Badillo wasn't alone, however. In fact, she tells the trooper there are two other females with her in the vehicle.

In the video, the trooper holds up the licenses of the other women in the car and expressed his concern that the license didn't seem legitimate. He asked the woman where she'd met them. Badillo told the trooper she'd met them at a club several months back and they were currently on their way to enjoy drinks at a bar.

When the trooper tells Badillo to stay where she is for a moment,'s report says she started laughing and began telling the trooper she was "looking at [his] eyes." When the officer asked why, she said because he was "pretty handsome."

Here's the video of the incident that was shared on the Texas DPS YouTube Channel:

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the other two women were illegally in the United States and are from El Salvador. DPS said Badillo eventually admitted she picked up the women at a "Mission stash house as she was trying to take them through the Falfurrias Border Patrol checkpoint," according to the report.

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