Videos and photos from a fatal crash along I-10 West near Crowley show the severity of the incident that has reportedly left one person dead and two more injured. The initial crash was followed by two more smaller incidents that have caused serious traffic issues for those on the Interstate.

Twitter via @KLFY

Authorities are actively working to remove the wreckage from the incident. Drivers along I-10 are having to exit at LA-HWY 13 near Crowley to avoid the cleanup efforts at the overpass. This is causing serious backups along I-10.


Two subsequent crashes along I-10 West at mile markers 78 & 92 added to the traffic that was already slowed to a snails pace.

Authorities on the scene were doing whatever they could to help clean the incident up.

Some vehicles had ended up off of the roadway.

Multiple angles show the 18-wheeler involved in the crash on its side.

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See the full video shared by @KLFY on Twitter below.

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