Laboratories all around the world are feverishly working on a COVID-19 vaccine and Scientists at Oxford University in London England having some positive results.

With all the news of how long it takes to create a vaccine or none at all, it is very promising that news has broke at Oxford University that in a trial that consisted of hundreds of people, a vaccine has shown to prompt a protective immune response.

Granted it is still early, but really since this pandemic has started, this is really the first bit of good news.

Since this strain of coronavirus is so new to scientists, we are all watching in real time what they are learning and every little bit has been helping doctors who are treating patients get a little better along the way.

Nothing would be more important than a vaccine that is proven to work citizens around the world.

According to WOOD/AP, around a 1000 people in Britain have been tested with this new experimental vaccine and so far the texts show it has produced a dual immune response in people 18 to 55.

The director of the Jenner Institute at Oxford University,Dr. Adrian Hill said, "What this vaccine does particularly well is trigger both arms of the immune system."

Britain is going to ramp up testing to 10,000 people and soon 30,000 will begin testing in the United States.

It is still early to get our hopes up but it is very promising at the same time. It will take time to see the effectiveness of the vaccine as well as if there are any after effects from taking it over time. Time is the key and increasing the testing numbers.

Scientists hope to have enough information to begin potential mass vaccination campaigns by the end of the about a Christmas miracle.

Countries all over the world are still working hard on creating a vaccine for COVID-19 and to be honest, I don't care he comes up with it first, as long as someone does and everyone in the world is able to get the shot.

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