Authorities have released some of the details on the much talked about murder at the Suffolk Manor Apartments in Lake Charles. Even with the details, the story is very strange and just a little hard to figure out.

It started with a 911 call last Friday morning in which a man, later identified as Ernest Glover of Lake Charles, claimed that he had smothered a baby. Officers and Acadian Ambulance were dispatched to the scene, but authorities were unable to locate the baby in question.

The case just gets stranger from that point on.

At the scene, Glover was transported to lake Charles memorial Hospital for evaluation, but was released by the hospital shortly after 10 a.m. for being uncooperative with the medical staff.

Shortly after Glover's release, police were once again dispatched to Suffolk manor and found Glover on the scene. Glover then led the police to the body of his sister, Barbara Glover Westcott who was dead on the scene from what appeared to be stab wounds.

Glover was then placed under arrest and charged with 2nd degree murder. Glover's bond has been set at $500,00 and the investigation into the slaying continues.