How many active serial killers are there in Louisiana right now? We don't know for sure. There are over 500 people currently listed as missing in Louisiana. People are either reported missing, or found dead, every single day in the state. Any number of those victims could be the responsibility of what we call a serial killer.

The United States Government defines a "serial murderer" with the following:

"A serial murderer has committed two or more murders separated in time and often in widely different geographic areas, and involving victims who are usually strangers. The murders are usually compulsive acts for gratification based on fantasies."

This means the only way to properly attribute victims to the work of a serial killer is either through the admissions of a killer, or investigative work from law enforcement. The suspect either needs to admit to the crimes, and explain the motive, or investigators need to piece together the motive, and find the suspect.

Often this isn't like what you see in movies or on TV. These cases aren't solved neatly in 30-90 minutes. Many of these cases take years to investigate, and possibly solve, but most of them are never completed with a conviction. Some cases are thought to be solved years after a suspect dies through DNA evidence.

There are multiple cases in the areas around Louisiana that are suspected to be related to serial murder activity, but remain unsolved. Are these killers still active? Are the cases not the work of serial killers at all? Will we ever know?

Sadly, for many of these, the answer is no.

Unsolved Serial Killer Cases In The Louisiana Area

These are cases involving suspected serial killers tied to Louisiana. Some of these cases do not have official connections to the state, but some happened close enough to the state line to gain attention in Louisiana. Some of these killers may also be responsible for a portion of the unsolved missing or murdered victims in Louisiana, based on additional information.

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