This story really comes as no surprise whatsoever considering the warm winter we had. We all know that once that Gulf of Mexico water warms up, that we can be in for some tropical rain if nothing else. It' still quite early in the season and as things stand right now, the National Hurricane Center is watching not one, but two systems that could become tropical storms.

Let's start with Potential Tropical Cyclone Two. That system is currently 400 miles east-southeast of Trinidad. Right now the highest sustained winds are around 40 mph and the storm is moving to the west at about 23 miles mph.That system is expected to turn to the WNW.

In advance of this storm. a tropical storm warning has been posted for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad, Tobago and Grenada. Forecasters say that, once the system moves further into the Caribbean, it will encounter unfavorable conditions and is expected to dissipate later in the week.

The second system forecasters are watching is much closer to home in the Gulf of Mexico near Yucatan. That system is expected to move out into the southern or central gulf today. Air Force Hurricane Hunters will be investigating that system later today, but the good news right now is that the storm system lacks a well defined center.






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