Several schools in the Lake Area have announced that they are prepared to accept Gov. Bobby Jindal's school vouchers for next year.  There is only one problem; one of the schools is barely prepared to operate, much less accept vouchers.  This is a school we're talking about -- a place of education.  It seems the folks at the "skool" over-looked a few minor details. You know, like having a license to operate.


The existence of  Eternity Christian Academy in Westlake came as quite a surprise to  city officials in Westlake. They didn't know it  existed.
The academy  applied for over one hundred vouchers for the coming school year, but Westlake city officials say the school does not have an occupational license, which is required to operate.
The academy does have a sign out in front of their building advertizing the fact that they will accept vouchers for the 2012-2013 school year.  To add to the confusion, the school has been operating since 2010!  Now the folks running the school are in for a lot of trouble or a lot of red tape. There are all sorts of inspections, licenses and plot twists involved in the process of running a school. Add to all that the fact that, since they will be accepting public funds they cannot be declared a non-profit.
I guess the capper to this story is that the school has been approved for the vouchers.  "What", you say?
Yep! They don't have a license...They are not recognized by the State Board of Education, and the City of Westlake didn't even know they existed.
I have no personal grudge against Eternity Christian Academy ... they may be a fine group of educators. But isn't the cart leading the horse here? While everyone seems pretty sure that all the regulations will be met, shouldn't you meet the requirements first?
Should the government actually say, "Well, you don't meet any of the criteria for a school, but here's the money. We'll take care of the paperwork later".