Hurricanes are notorious for changing directions and taking weird paths, but Tropical Storm Ida just seems to be going in circles out there in the Atlantic. Usually, when we track a hurricane, it's at least showing some sort of forward motion no matter how erratic that motion may be, but if you look at the track of Ida in the graphic above, you'll notice just a big circle.

According to the national Hurricane Center:

Steering currents are forecast to collapse within the next 12-24 hours, resulting in Ida becoming nearly stationary during that time. By 36-48 hours, Ida is expected to become embedded within the western portion of the aforementioned east-west oriented trough and move slowly southeastward through 72 hours or so. After that time, the trough is forecast to weaken, allowing the cyclone to move

slowly north-northwestward to northward.


With any luck at all, it looks like our friend, Ida, will suffer the same fate as the storms that came before her this season, and self destruct or just move out harmlessly into the open waters of the Atlantic. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that the rest of the 2015 Hurricane Season stays at quiet as it has been all year.

By the way, this Thursday marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Rita and we'll have guest on the morning show with Gary and Heather this week. Also, I have a story up about my trip to Cameron just one week after Rita destroyed that town and how the folks in Cameron taught me a lot about pulling together and positive thinking.

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