Southwest Louisiana is bracing for some big storms today. The forecast is calling for high winds, heavy rains, and possible hail.

We could possibly receive heavy rains that could cause some flash flooding and if you know Lake Charles, that could cause roads to flood quickly in the area.

The concern for rough weather is big enough to prompt Southwest Louisiana school boards to close schools for today, Tuesday, March 22nd.  Schools that are closed today include Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Jeff Davis, and Vernon Parish schools.

Hail Pic (Facebook)
Hail Pic (Facebook)

According to local forecasters, there is a decent chance of hail, three out of five on the scale. What if you don't have a carport or garage? How do you protect your vehicle from getting hail damage if it really gets bad?

Here are some hacks we found on how to protect your vehicle from hail damage.

Purchase a car or truck cover.  Most car covers are made of cloth or fabric and usually have some padding in them which could absorb the impact of large hail and cushion it from denting your vehicle.

Use Blankets or Quilts. If you can't afford a car or truck cover which could get kind of pricey, you can grab some olf blankets, quilts, or an old comforter and through it over your vehicle for protection.  It is a cheaper alternative and still could give you the protection you are looking for.

Hailstones Fall In Alton
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Use your floor mats in your vehicle.  Some of us have those rubber floor mats like Weather Tech which could really protect your vehicle. Even though they are not as big as a car cover or even some blankets, you could strategically place them on your vehicle like on the roof and hood of your vehicle which is the most commonplace for hail damage.

There you go.  A few tips and tricks to protect your vehicle in the case of hail today or in the future.

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