According to the Weekly World News:

"George Clooney went  in for yet another surgery to repair his elbow. But this time doctors were forced to amputate his arm.

George Clooney was on an extensive press tour for his new film, “The Descendants,” and was having persistent problems with his right elbow.  He had to have surgery (for the second time) on the Friday before he attended the Baltimore Ravens-Cincinnati Bengals game with girlfriend Stacy Keibler."

There are rumors that perhaps Clooney had elbow cancer (a rare disease that affects less that 0.5% of the population).  Others say he injured it in a jet-ski accident on Lake Como.  Others say that he injured it in a “bizarre sex accident.”  No one  knows for sure  and George isn’t saying."

Wow! I have a strainer at home with fewer holes than that! the biggie is: He got his arm cut off then went on a date??? Really??  Well....NO...Here's the real story: From November of last year!

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George Clooney is recovering from an elbow surgery. The Governor Mike Morris of "The Ides of March" sported a brace and sling when he came to M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, November 20 afternoon to watch the match between Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals.

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