Saturday night, Tracy Lawrence performed in Lake Charles at the Golden Nugget. The concert was sold out and a ton of people were treated to a great show from the country music icon.

During the concert, Lawrence played all of his biggest hits like Paint Me A Birmingham, Sticks And Stones, Renegades Rebels and Rogues, Find Out Who Your Friends Are, and Alibis.

A cool thing happened while Tracy Lawrence was performing his hit song Alibis. Right before he finished the song, Lawrence saw the songwriter of the song in the crowd and called him on stage.

I know what you are thinking, why is that so cool? It was cool because the man who wrote that song is from right here in Southwest Louisiana. His name is Randy Boudreaux and he penned the song Alibis which was the title cut of his second album and a #1 hit in 1993. Remember it?

Lawrence brought Boudreaux on stage and told the crowd that this man standing here next to me wrote Albilis and he was from right here in Southwest Louisiana.  The crowd went berserk.

We were on hand for the moment and quickly snapped a picture while it happened. What you may not know is that Randy Boudreaux has written other hit songs that other artists have recorded and seen success with his tunes.

Boudreaux has written or co-wrote more than 70 songs including Brokenheartsville by Joe Nichols, Goodnight Sweetheart by David Kersh, and of course the one we have been talking about, Alibis by Tracy Lawrence. 

Here's another big hit Randy Boudreaux wrote.

We thought this was cool that one of our own from right here from Southwest Louisiana was called on stage by the artist who recorded his song that changed the course of both of their careers just to say thank you.

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