You know, working in radio, you tend to move around a bit in the early stages of your career. Now, I've worked in several places and I always enjoyed being "shown the city" during my first few weeks in town. People are always happy to share the best of their community, aren't they?

I was thinking that, it's one thing to go to another state like Illinois or Ohio or someplace like that and I'm sure they have some interesting places to see. No doubt they have some history or some scenic view that they can't wait to share with you. That's all well and good, but I've been thinking that, when people come to visit Louisiana, one hardly knows where to begin showing them around.

The difference is that there is so much to see here. So many different things to experience. For many people, coming to Louisiana is like visiting another country. How many places can you visit in America that has so much different culture to offer?

Everything about this state is different. From wildlife to the way we sometimes serve up that wildlife, Louisiana is unique. that thought got me to wondering about something.

Let's say I just moved here from elsewhere and I had never been to Lake Charles or Louisiana in my life. Where would you take me first?

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