The top ten jerseys sold this season come from the likes of Super Bowl MVP's, some rookies, and some surprises.

Tom Brady moved into the number one spot on the list, which isn't all that surprising. The record breaking Drew Brees came in at number six on the list. Some breakout rookies appeared on the list this season, and one surprise rounded out the top ten list.

One surprise on the list is the beast of a defender out of Chicago, Khalil Mack, who came in at number two. No matter how great they are, It's surprising to see a defender in the top 10, much less coming in only second to Tom Brady.

Second year player, first year starter Patrick Mahomes rounded out the top three. That's not really all that surprising seeing as Mahomes is having an already legendary break-out year with talks of MVP status.

Seeing Ezekial Elliot and Saquon Barkley on the list isn't all that surpising, but the one that is would be Steelers second year wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster who came in at number 10. I'm not taking anything away from his talent, but with all of the other superstars in the league, that's impressive jersey selling numbers. Maybe it's the appeal of his name?

Here's the full list:

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