I love watching the Olympics, summer and winter, and it got me to thinking "who are the wealthiest Olympic athletes of all time".  Well, I did a little sleuthing on the internet and found the answers!

You would think you would see athletes like Michael Phelps or maybe Apollo Ono with all the sponsorship deals they had during and after the Olympics.  But, that's not the case.  So you know the top 5 have to bring some serious dinero!

Here's some of the athletes I had in mind before finding the below video that I thought could make the top 5:

  • Shawn White - Net worth $40 million
  • Michael Phelps - Net worth $55 million
  • Nancy Kerrigan - Net worth $10 million
  • Serena Williams - Net worth $145 million
  • Bubba Watson - Net worth $5 million
  • Gabby Douglas - Net worth $3 million
  • Scott Hamilton - Net worth $25 million

Below are The Top 5 Richest Olympians Of All Time:

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