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The king of the sports jungle in America is the NFL. That's without question. The amount of people who watch NFL Preseason games regularly beat regular season MLB and NBA games, according to TV ratings.

But within the most popular sport in America, you still have levels. Some teams have much bigger fanbases than others. However its not always about size. Sometimes its about how passionate those fanbases are.

Why does that matter?

Not every team can have sustained success for decades. So what happens to the fans when a team goes through a "rebuild"? Does that fanbase leave, or do they remain? That's what we're looking at here...how loyal are these NFL fanbases?

The folks at Lineups.com surveyed NFL fans to find out which team had the most loyal fanbases for this season. They also took a look at which team have the least loyal fanbases. The least loyal list includes Denver at 1, Seattle at 2, then Tampa Bay (3), Indianapolis (4), and Jacksonville (5).

But when you look at the most loyal fanbases, you can find a couple trends.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Carolina Panthers
Photo by Chris Keane/Getty Images

First, 3 of the 5 could be considered "small market" teams. Where the fanbases may feel like they shouldn't have a team still, and never want to lose them. All of the Top 5 teams have visited the Super Bowl within the last generation (since 1991). Also, 3 of the 5 teams have have NFL MVP quarterbacks within the last decade too.

Locally, there's a interesting trend as well. There are Shreveport-Bossier area players on 4 of the top 5 teams.

Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Without spoiling the rankings, you will find local talent like Tre'Davious White (Green Oaks High School), Donavan Wilson (Woodlawn High School), Terrace Marshall (Parkway High School), Henry Black (Woodlawn High School), Marquez Stevenson (Northwood High School), and Dak Prescott (Haughton High School) on these NFL team rosters.

Check out which teams made the rankings here:

Top 5 Most Loyal Fanbases In The NFL In 2021

Here's the list put together using Lineups.com's research into NFL fan behavior.

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