It's no secret that you can fry an egg on the concrete outside already and it's only June!  So one of our favorite pass times here in SWLA is to find ways to beat the heat.

And of course one of my favorite ways to do just that is consume some ICE CREAM!

Ice Cream Prices Rising
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Top 5 Ice Cream/FroYo Places In SWLA To Beat The Heat:

  1. Pops And Rockets, Lake Charles - 4.9 Google Rating
  2. TCBY, Moss Bluff - 4.9 Google Rating
  3. Sweet Frog, Lake Charles - 4.7 Google Rating
  4. Louisiana Reauxl, Lake Charles - 4.5 Google Rating
  5. Winkydoo's Malt Shop, Sulphur - 4.5 Google Rating

I've also recently found out that I really enjoy FroYo as well.  Let me throw some free advice your way...add Nutella to your FroYo...believe me on this one, it's next level!

Let us know your favorite Ice Cream and FroYo places in SWLA in the comments!


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