PR Newswire recently surveyed over 1,000 hiring managers about things that will instantly destroy your chances of getting a job during the interview.

Top 10 Things That Will Destroy Your Job Interview:

1.  Being caught in a lie.  71% of employers said they'd never hire you.

2.  Answering a phone call or text during the interview, 67%.

3.  Being arrogant or acting like you're entitled, 59%.

4.  Showing a lack of accountability, 52%.  Like if you got FIRED from your last job and blamed the whole thing on your boss.

5.  Swearing, 51%.

6.  Dressing inappropriately, 50%.

7.  Badmouthing an ex-boss or a former company you worked for, 48%.

8.  Knowing nothing about the job or company where you're applying, 45%.

9.  Having unprofessional body language, 43%.  The study found the three worst mistakes are not making eye contact, not smiling, and fidgeting with something on the table.

10.  Knowing nothing about the industry in general.  Only 35% said they'd pass on hiring you.

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