With Father's Day coming up, it got us thinking what the typical Louisiana Dad wants.

Top 10 Gifts Louisiana Dads Want For Father's Day:

  1. Peace And Quiet
  2. Season Tickets To LSU Football
  3. A Large Bottle Of Tony Chachere's
  4. The Complete Duck Dynasty DVD Set
  5. A 16' Aluminium Boat With A 25 HP Evinrude
  6. The House Potato At Steamboat Bills
  7. A V.I.P. Pass To Meet Troy Landry From Swamp People
  8. A Gallon Bottle Of Louisiana Hot Sauce
  9. A Sizable Gift Card To The Bass Pro Shop
  10. Peace And Quiet

Other gift ideas that we thought were cool that we find across the internet include:

  • nice dinner out
  • bottle of booze
  • watch
  • smart speaker
  • steak dinner at home
  • expensive coffee
  • video game
  • pizza oven
  • power tools
  • home brewing kit

So take notes, and stay away from the crappy gifts your dad will hate like socks, ties, and the such!

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