Needless to say, there are Christmas songs running around inside my head. There seems to be a different song each day. Yeah, it’s nuts!

Commercials are a favorite target of mine this time of year. Like the one for the Amazon whatever it is that you can tell it what to do for you. We played a spot where the wife is thrilled that the neighbor’s inflatable music-playing snowman doesn’t seem to be playing, and the husband admits to cutting the wires. It’s apparently okay to vandalize somebody’s stuff. Then, the wife tells whatever it is to “play holiday music”, though she was just thrilled that the neighbor’s holiday music wasn’t playing. There also are tv spots for the same and similar devices that will find recipes for you and play music and other stuff, but they can’t really cook a dish, or wash your car, or clean the house, so what’s the point?

There’s a tv spot for a tablet that’s really good until the very end. Shows this youngster doing all kinds of things with it, like writing, communicating with friends, taking pictures, and then her neighbor comes out and asks “What are you doing on your computer?” And the kid says “What’s a computer?” Guess we have to have that smart-aleck answer these days.

And there are a plethora, yes, a plethora of phone spots on tv and they have great songs attached to them. I’m amused at the one that sings something about I’m your best friend and we have a lot to do so let’s get started. IT’S A PHONE!

And how about the ad for the satellite company that says folks who like cable also like things like wet grocery bags, and getting stuck in an overcrowded train car. REALLY?! And by the way, the lady is pouring coffee on herself, not spilling it.

Last Thursday night, we decided to eat out and went to a place near the house. As we looked at the menu, I realized that most of the offerings were fried and many of the grilled items were smothered in something. Not good if you’re trying to eat somewhat healthy. Since it was raining that night, I also noticed maybe three people who had raincoats or umbrellas with them. Saturday, we headed for lunch at another nearby eatery and found we had to wait. No big deal, the hostess took our name and then asked for our phone number. Huh? We don’t have our phones with us. She looked at us like we were from another planet and said “You don’t have a phone?” We said no, and went elsewhere. What was she going to do, send us home to wait for a phone call that said our table was ready?!

The Christmas shopping is done, and we’ll probably put up the tree on Saturday. We don’t put lights on it though, since we still have a 5-year-old cat who would probably mess with them. The last time we had lights on it was 2011 when our cats didn’t mess with it since they were older. Maybe next year.

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